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WISE Community Services

WISE Community Services helps older adults age 50+, and those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, cognitive impairments, and/or other functional challenges maintain independence and improve their quality of life. The goal is to keeps participants and their caregivers as physically, cognitively, and emotionally well as possible so they avoid unnecessary institutionalization. Many of the adults served by WISE have mild-moderate dementia however a few have advanced dementia. In 38 years of operation, WISE has grown to encompass a variety of services designed to support these individuals and their caregivers.

The WISE Center YMCA Branch impacts the lives of people with physical challenges and memory impairment as well as their caregivers by providing a warm, loving and supportive environment with dedicated staff so that each can live life to the fullest.

The WISE Center YMCA Branch is committed to the idea that each person, despite challenges, can continue to discover, learn, create and flourish and not be defined by their limitations.

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