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Child Watch

The Gateway Family YMCA strengthens community for youth development dedicating ourselves to building healthy, confident, secure and connected children, families and communities.

Are you looking for child care while you exercise, take a swim, or participate in a YMCA program?

Our YMCA branches offer drop-in Child Watch while caregivers, parents or guardians make use of their YMCA membership!  Child Watch provides an opportunity for parents, caregivers and guardians to pursue their own health and well-being, knowing that their child(ren) are safe, secure and having fun in a positive environment.

Child Watch is:

  • Available for children ages 3 years to 9 years old
  • Available for up to 2 hours per session, while a parent, caregiver or guardian remains within the YMCA branch.
    • Times vary by YMCA branch
  • Included in Full Privilege Family YMCA Memberships

At Child Watch:

  • Your child can play with other children
  • There will be toys, books, resources and fun things to learn and do
  • There will be staff and resources that will help you and your family
  • You will meet other parents/caregivers of young children


  • Registration:
    • All Parent/Caregiver/Guardians must stop at the Welcome Center to register for a Child Watch session upon arrival
  • Check In:
    • Appropriately dated receipt must be presented to Child Watch staff at sign-in
    • Parent/Caregiver/Guardian must provide identification for sign-in and sign-out, and disclose their intention/location while the child will be in our care
      • All Parent/Caregiver/Guardians must be active YMCA Members of any category, at minimum Community Member
  • Parent/Caregiver/Guardian must remain inside the YMCA facility while child is attending Child Watch
    • Maximum session is 2 hours
  • Outside Items may be brought at your own risk:
    • Age-appropriate snacks or water/juice may be brought to the Child Watch room.  All Child Watch rooms are nut-free.
    • Children are responsible for their own toys or electronics brought to the Child Watch room.
    • All items must be clearly labeled with your child’s name and disclosed to Child Watch staff upon entry.
    • YMCA staff are not responsible for loss, damage or theft.  All items are brought at your own risk.
  • Parent Communication:
    • Please keep your cell phone nearby while your child is in the care of Child Watch
    • If a child is upset and cannot be soothed for 10 minutes, Y staff will notify Parent/Caregiver/Guardian
    • If a child needs to utilize the restroom while in our care, Y staff will notify Parent/Caregiver/Guardian
  • Help us keep our spaces clean and safe for all
    • Child Watch areas undergo rigorous cleaning procedures
    • Children must be free from all symptoms of illness or fever for 24 hours before returning to the Y’s care
    • A maximum number of children per staff ratio will be followed and the Welcome Center alerted if the room is at the current maximum capacity
  • Child Watch hours are subject to change and vary by location

Child Watch Session Fees:

  • Full Privilege Family Memberships:  Free
    • Parent/Caregiver/Guardian and Child must be included on the same Full Privilege Family Membership
  • Full Privilege Individual Member: $10/session for each child
    • Parent/Caregiver/Guardian must be a Full Privilege Member utilizing the YMCA
  •  Basic/Program Member: $20/session for each child
    • Parent/Caregiver/Guardian or Sibling must be a Basic/Program Member utilizing the YMCA for a program/event
    • In the event that the Sibling is a Basic/Program Member, Parent/Caregiver/Guardian must register as a Community Member to accompany them into the YMCA
  • YMCA Nationwide Member: $20/session for each child
    • Parent/Caregiver/Guardian must be an active YMCA Nationwide Member utilizing the YMCA
  • Community Member: $25/session for each child
    • Parent/Caregiver/Guardian must be a YMCA Community Member utilizing the YMCA for a program/event

Fees may vary for theme nights and special events.  Advance registration may be required for some special events and programs.

Child Watch Locations: Hours vary per location and are subject to change

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