Meet Morgan

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Morgan is a Wildlife Advocate and Distinguished State Finalist for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

Meet Morgan


Prudential Spirit of the Community State of NJ Distinguished Finalist

Meet Morgan. She speaks Spanish and Mandarin and is also the Vice President of her freshman class. Similar to many girls her age she plays an instrument, the harp and is a merit scholarship recipient. However, Morgan’s leadership abilities are unique and demonstrate her passion to service. Morgan was nominated by The Gateway Family YMCA for the 2021 Prudential Spirit of the Community award. She is a distinguished finalist for the award representing the state of New Jersey.

Morgan is one of the founding members of the BSA Troup 19 which is one of the largest in her the area. It was founded in February 2019, the first time the BSA allowed girls to participate in BSA scouts. Recently Morgan gained admission to the inaugural class of female eagle scouts after passing her board review on December 1st, 2020. Her history with the BSA is impressive. She is an active member of the Lenape Trails District in the Northern New Jersey Council (NNJC). She leads in many roles and capacities. Currently she is a Troop Guide but has also served as Senior Patrol Leader, and Quartermaster. Earning over 46 merit badges and attending over 50 camping nights, she was inducted into the scouting honor society, the Order of the Arrow (Lenapehoking Lodge IX).

COVID-19 has not stopped Morgan’s commitment to service, she has organized a socially distanced Eagle Project. Morgan is an advocate for wildlife, and she aims to educate others about the importance of bats in our ecosystem. Providing socially distanced training she and a group of volunteers have built bat houses. To date, she’s built 10 bat houses at 3 different locations in 3 counties, the Great Swamp in Chatham, 2 Van Nest Park and Rogers Preserve in West Windsor Township, and Laurelwood Arboretum in Wayne.

Under her direction 39 volunteers the bat houses installed at the 4 locations. They were installed using 16 feet poles placed in holes measuring 3 feet deep in the concrete. The 10 bat houses house over one thousand bats!

To learn more information visit Morgan’s YouTube Page The Bat Project – Eagle Project

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