We Wear Black

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Stronger Together. In solidarity celebrating renaissance, resistance, and rejoicing!

Join the YMCA African American Resource Network (AARN), and communities throughout the country, for We Wear Black Day on February 24th. We are all better when we commemorate the renaissance, resistance, and rejoicing that makes the African American experience unique. During Black History Month and for the remaining 306 days of the year, let’s take time to appreciate:

The RENAISSANCE of advancements in and for the black community. A renaissance that is made stronger with the support of allies. A renaissance that includes a renewed appreciation for the contributions of black people in all aspects of society.

The RESISTANCE of impediments and systems that affect African American people and communities at disproportionate rates. Barriers that are perpetuated through health disparities, quality of life inequities and decreased mortality rates.

The REJOICING that occurs when our shared humanity allows us ALL to see ourselves in one another. A triumph of spirit that is evidenced when the richness of black culture is experienced!

United we stand, divided we fall…..many hands make light work…… a stick in a bundle is unbreakable….there is strength in unity…… All these imply one thing.

We are STRONGER TOGETHER.  Join us for We Wear Black!

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