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Technology Upgrade

The Gateway Family YMCA announces technology upgrade.

A Message from our President and CEO

At The Gateway Family YMCA, we are dedicated to our mission to serve all. As a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening community, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our members and community, and really listen to your feedback. In an effort to better serve our members and community, our staff embarked upon an extensive search for a software system that met the needs of our YMCA members, housing residents, child care families and community, both today and far into the future.

We are happy to share that our YMCA will be launching Daxko Operations this Fall. Daxko is a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management system which we feel will provide the greatest flexibility and highest level of member service. Daxko will replace our current website registration and membership management portal online at and will replace our integrated software solution for membership, programs, child care, chronic disease management, drowning prevention and housing. Members will begin to receive information leading up to our launch, with instructions on setting up your online access.

Since we have launched the YMCA360 mobile app and online portal for member check-in, virtual programming and our branch schedules, we have heard extremely positive feedback. That platform will continue to remain our mobile support for our members, in collaboration with the new Daxko platform.

We hope that you are pleased with the additional functionality this upgrade will provide for your family. As you know, technology is ever-evolving and we continue to remain vigilant to provide the best service and leverage digital innovation for our members and community.


Melynda A. Disla, President/CEO

The Gateway Family YMCA

The Gateway Family YMCA