Eddy joined the Navy at the age of 17. Eddy moved to the United States with his family at 15 years old, and spent the next two years in high school, before enlisting at the same time as his cousin.

He attended US Navy Basic Training Boot Camp in Great Lakes, Michigan. “Basic training was tough; it felt like it would never end,” stated Eddy.

He then spent time in Jacksonville, FL where he was deployed on the USS Saratoga Air Craft Carrier to the Mediterranean during Desert Storm. Eddy served his tour providing support to Aviation crew in parts and repairs. This tour lasted about one year.

“We spent about 50 days out at sea, with 12 hour shifts, on and off duty. It seemed like non-stop launching and landing while we were at sea.”

Desert Storm was known for a record number of sorties to “soften” the enemy, Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait. How many sorties in Desert Storm?

“The Air Force flew over 65,000 sorties during Operation Desert Storm and accounted for 31 of 35 kills against fixed wing aircraft. It's estimated that during the Air Campaign, coalition forces destroyed over 400 Iraqi aircraft, including 122 that flew to Iran, without a single loss in air-to-air combat.”

Eddy’s tour on the Saratoga was the ship’s last deployment and the ship was decommissioned after that mission. After his return to the United States, Eddy was then assigned the USS JFK Air Craft Carrier in Philadelphia while it was being repaired.

We are very proud of Eddy, a member of our staff team here at the Wellness Center Branch, as well as all our members who have served, and those who continue to serve, our country.

The Gateway Family YMCA participates in the Military Outreach Initiative through the YMCA of the USA, the Department of Defense and Military OneSource. Through this outreach program, we provide complimentary family memberships to the family members of deployed military personnel, and to active duty military stationed near our branches who qualify.

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