Dorie's Story

“I am a Breast Cancer Survivor for 20 years. I had Breast Cancer 3 times and have conquered each occurrence. I Never Give Up!” Being a 3 time cancer survivor, originally diagnosed 20 years ago, Dorie is a poster child for perseverance and a positive attitude. Having struggled with her weight early on and gaining 40 pounds in college, she tried various ways to lose weight, including a program called Diet Control and diet pills. After several cycles of losing weight only to regain it, she found success with Weight Watchers.  Through their supportive environment, she lost the 40 pounds and has kept it off for 33 years!

Dorie then became a Weight Watchers Leader to help others lose weight and stay motivated.  She continued in this leadership role for 20 years before retiring, and still follows the program with her husband, Mike.  They strive to eat healthy and keep fit at the Wellness Center Branch. Over the years, Dorie has been an inspiration to not only those in Weight Watchers, but she has spoken at numerous events for cancer survivors.  She encourages early detection and not to let fear get in the way. Maintaining a positive outlook and practicing positive mental imagery has been key to her success.

More recently, Dorie credits her Y experience for personal growth, and discovered through the Mission Meltdown challenge that she enjoys taking group exercise classes. 

“The YMCA has helped me become stronger and a healthier person. My membership has lasted over 5 years and encompasses me working out 4 times a week. I enjoy taking classes and meeting new friends at the same time.”

Dorie and her husband Mike enjoy active outdoor hobbies including, camping, hiking and archery.  They combine physical and mental fitness to achieve a positive outcome for life.  The goal is to have fun!  They are also big fans of 1950’s Doo Wop dance events. She loves dressing up in the poodle shirt, bobby socks, saddle shoes and accessories from the 1950 period.

Dorie and Mike have 4 children, 3 grandsons, age 8 months, 3 years and 6 years old: 

“With the help of the YMCA, I am physically fit to keep up and play with them all day long!”